Getting a new voter-id card

Getting a new voter-id card:

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Voter-id card if lost:

The voter-id card is a document of extreme importance today and if one loses the voter-id card , it is quite normal for the person to become panic stricken but actually there is no need to worry as options of getting a new voter-id is always there only after some of the official work has been completed.

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Applying for the new voter-id card if it gets lost

People often lose many of the valuable items that he carries with himself like purse, wallet watches etc. and hence, the voter-id card can also get misplaced. But one who has lost his voter-id card should not worry at all as the option of applying for the new and the duplicate voter-id card has been opened by the election commission of India. In 2015, the Election Commission of India has successfully launched certain programs throughout the states of India so that one gets the opportunity to apply for the duplicate copy or the new voter-id card in case he has lost the earlier one. For applying for the duplicate voter-id card, one can either visit the office of the Election Commission of India or can apply it through the online portals of the election commission. It should always be remembered that the original of anything will always have a clone from where the duplicate copy can be issued. The question how get new voter id if lost is answered in the steps below.

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Steps to follow for getting a duplicate or a new voter-id card:

  • The first thing that has to be done is to visit the nearest police station and file an FIR for the lost voter-id card. The Fir should consist of the place where the person was visiting while the voter-id card got misplaced along with the name of the person who has misplaced the card. He should also request the Officer-in-Charge in a written manner to file the FIR so that he can apply for a new voter-id card.
  • Some of the police officers who have a strict manner can ask for the person’s voter-id card number which he can tell after checking the website of . He can also check out the website for his very state.
  • After receiving the form for the FIR, one should not forget to mention the subject which will be of losing the voter-id card.
  • Along with the form of the FIR, one also needs to download the ‘Form 002’ which has been launched by the Election Commission of India for helping the people to get a new voter-id card which have been lost due to some reason or the other.
  • One needs to take a printout of the Form 002 after it has been downloaded successfully.
  • After taking the printout, the form is to be filled up with the needed details.
  • For the submission of the form, one needs to attach the FIR along with an identity proof for which one can use the driving license, ration card or Aadhar card for getting the duplicate copy of the voter-id card.
  • All these documents are to be submitted along with the application form and the FIR to the nearest office of the election commission or to the e-seva kendras.
  • After the verification process has been completed, the new voter-id card has been issued; it will reach to the registered address within 2-3 weeks.
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