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Downloading the voter-id card

The voter id card is often asked for as proof of every individual’s identity in India. Every person who has attained the age of 18 years and is a citizen of India should have the Voter-id card as his identity proof. Elections in India are held after every 5 years in India and being citizens of a democratic country, we, the Indian citizens are born with the right to elect the leaders of India. The Election Commission of India or the ECI is an authorized and autonomous body which conducts all the elections in proper timing and the voter-id card of every Indian citizen is generated and released by the ECI. One has to get himself registered with the ECI to participate in the electoral process in India.

How to Apply Voter ID & Voter ID Status Check Explained on YouTube:

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Voter ID card Download:

  • Visit the NVSP portal.
  • Select your State or Union Territory form the list.
  • Select the “Search your details in Voter List” option from the main menu.
  • Now select your District from the list and click the Search by Name option.
  • Enter your name, Father Name, gender, age or date of birth etc.
  • Enter the text code which is present in the box below.
  • Click the search button.
  • Your Voter id details will be displayed along with the photo.
  • Download the Voter ID card and take the print.

Voter Id Download –

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Getting the voter-id cards online and downloading the application for the voter-id cards

Everyone who has reached the age of 18 years has got the facility to apply for the voter-id cards so that they can take part in the elections. This can be done online, can check the status of the cards online and can also have a printout of the cards. The option of downloading the voter-id card is also there but the one doing so should specify the Indian State to which he belongs. One can also download the voter-id cards online and they will have to fill in the necessary details like the name of the district, name of the constituent assembly and the house number.

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How to Search Name in Voter list,  How to Download Electoral Roll PDF, How to Track Voter id Application Status & How to Find Assembly Constituency Explained on YouTube:

There is a separate website for every state in India so that the people of these states face no problem in downloading, filling the application form and printing the voter-id cards. The option of translating the pages of the website to the local languages is also there. It should be noted that the soft copy of the voter-id card cannot be downloaded due to the security reasons; hence the only option left is of printing it. The current address of a person can be updated before he downloads the voter-id card. For taking the printout of the voter-id card, one will first have to log into the website of the Election Commission of India. He can also log into the regional web address with which he had registered for the voter-id. After this, one will have to click on to the option of ‘SEARCH YOUR NAME’ after filling up the personal details. The option of Print is now to be selected which will be enlarging the voter-id card on the screen of the person and one can print it by clicking on the Print option for another time. Within a minute of giving the command, the voter-id card will get printed.

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-Telangana –

-Andhra Pradesh –

Pros of the online mode of registration:

The process of filling up the application of the voter-id card was a tedious one as people had to stand and wait in long queues for their turn to come. But the online mode of filling up the forms today has made the hectic work much easier. Even the people in the rural areas of India have accepted the mode of online registration of the voter-id card. This, in turn, has led to a greater number of registrations of the voter-id cards among the youth and has also increased the needed awareness for electing the appropriate political party by the process of voting. Downloading it today is a plain and simple method.

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