Process to Making voter id application download online

Making voter id application download online

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Both Lok Sabha and State Assembly races in India are led after like clockwork. Since autonomy india has been a nation where democratic rights for the general population have been of most extreme significance and right to vote is one of them. Each Indian who is above 18 years of age is allowed to participate in voting. To cast vote you should be an enrolled voter in race commission of India and for that you have to apply for registration of voter id. India is a center point of information innovation which has been a great help for the decision commission to smoothen the procedure of registration for new voter id applicants across the nation. Decision commission is in charge of electoral procedure in the nation and for that it has setup boss electoral officers in each state that takes care of Assembly races, new registration, duplicate id issuance and different tasks.

Races in India are held at regular intervals. These races force each national who is above the age of 18 years to participate. An individual can just vote on the off chance that he is enlisted with the ECI, i.e in the event that he has an enrolled Voter ID. The Electoral Commission of India is in charge of the smooth management of the electoral procedure. Each choice regarding the decisions are taken by the ECI. This authority was initially handled exclusively by the Chief Election Officer of India however eventually got conveyed equally with the ECI. This consequently lead to smooth working of the electoral procedure.

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This ID earlier had to be made through the traditional ways of standing in a que, manually filling a form, and by adhering to many such monotonous procedures. Fortunately now this procedure has gotten to be online. An individual can create a Voter’s ID with only a couple of basic snaps. Online registration has been widely accepted by Indians even in the rural area. This framework has increased the quantity of Voter ID card registrations amongst youth. It has also increased awareness of the importance of voting and choosing the privilege political party.

Countless are presently participating in races and encouraging others to do as such too.

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Race ID Card Download Guide Online

India involves 28 states, it subsequently gets to be hard to disregard the working of all the states together. Henceforth, Every state has a separate site, which is customized for the residents of that state. The pages of these sites can be translated in the local language.

By taking after a couple of straightforward steps you can create an enrolled Voter’s ID, once this is done you can take a print out of the ID. Please recall that you cannot download a delicate duplicate of the ID because of security reasons, printing it out is the main alternative.

Before downloading you can also get the Voter ID Card Status Online and you can update your address and different details before downloading the Voter ID.

These straightforward steps will help you printout your Voters ID and let you utilize it later on:

  1. Log on to the site Electoral Commission site of India or the regional site on which you have enrolled your Voter’s ID.
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Online voter id registration process

Online voter id registration process

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Having a Voter Id card is extremely essential for each Indian Citizen. One has to 18 or above with a specific end goal to apply for a Voters Id card. The voter ID card is one of the crucial record one must have. It is important for various legal documentation in varied government workplaces, yet is primarily utilized as a ticket to vote.

Obtaining a Voter’s card is no more a lowly. Presently one need not be in long lines after the dominance of the E world. The procedure is currently exceptionally basic and uncomplicated. Presently there is no reason for any qualified subject of India to not have a Voter Id.

The Voters ID card or is also termed as Election card. Applying for Election card online is efficient and favorable. Other than waiting in the line, the online procedure of enlisting for a Voters Id has many different advantages.

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Application Process to Register for a New Voter ID Card

  • One can apply for his/her voters Id at whatever point and wherever one wishes to.
  • You can get your voters Id card conveyed at your entryway venture by post.
  • Applying online abbreviates the time span of getting your card. Logged off registration would take around 9 – 10 months, where as online would take you approximately a month.
  • One can check his/her Voter Id status on the web, and is also qualified to get automatic updates of the cards status.
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The progressions to enlist online for your Election card is as straightforward and pleasing one could consider. Each state has their own particular distinctive site for registration. To make things extremely easy to understand and easy to understand the sites are available in local languages of that particular state.

Given underneath are the progressions to apply online for your Election card:

  • Firstly you have to sign on to the official site of Election commission of India:
  • Click on the tab, which says to Enroll for another card.
  • You would need to top off couple of mandatory details i:e your E mail Id, portable number and the state you have a place with, obtain your client Log-in Id and your Password.
  • After you get your ID and password, you would have to sign in and enter your details.
  • Search for Form 6 and top off all your details accurately.
  • One would have to attach his/her scanned passport size photograph.
  • You will be re-coordinated to a confirmation page, wherein you will have to affirm the details entered by you. After this has been confirmed, you can present your form.
  • After all these procedure you will get a mail on your enlisted E mail Id. You would get a connection, which will divert you to your personal Voter’s Id page.
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Initially it was just the boss Electoral officer of each individual state that was in charge of online registration for Election card. Presently both the Electoral commission of India and boss electoral officer (CEO) of each state are in charge of online registration of Voters ID card.

Process to Correcting the voter-id cards

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Voter ID Correction Online:

The Election Commission of India through the National Voters Service Portal providing the voter id related online services. Voter id online correction is one of them, by using this facility the existing voter id holders who are having corrections in their voter id they can apply through online. You can use this facility to apply for the name corrections in voter id, date of birth corrections in voter id or to replace a new photo. Before applying for the voter id correction online, one thing to remember is you should upload supporting documentation as proof for making changes.

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Voter List                                          Voter ID Forms                        Voter ID Status

Download Voter ID card             Duplicate Voter ID card       Online Voter ID Registration

Correcting the voter-id cards Online:

  • Visit the NVSP portal.
  • Select Form 8 or “correction of entries in electoral roll” option.
  • Voter Id online Correction FORM-8 will be displayed.
  • Choose your State, Assembly Constituency and your Name, Father Name etc as per the Voter Id.
  • Select the option of correction which is required for you for, for example, can choose the correction option like name, photo, address, age etc.
  • After selecting the option you must upload the supporting document in which you want to apply for the correction.
  • For example your photo, in that case, you have to upload a recent passport size photo.
  • After uploading the photo, click the submit button.
  • After submission of your voter id online correction application form, an acknowledgement will be displayed download it for further reference.
  • With the help of your application reference number, you can track the status of your application form online.

Voter id correction –

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About the voter-id card:

The voter identity card in India is the most important document which is also a valid identity proof of every Indian but the fact is that the voter id card can only be used for proving one’s identity inside India. Every child attaining the age of 18 in India becomes eligible to have his/her own voter identity card. The Indian Government has taken different initiatives and has also launched different programs in the different sectors of rural India so that all the people can avail the voter-id cards along with the benefits that come with it. Many times, there is a printing error in the cards in the place of address or there are some printing errors in the names and other details. But there is always an option for rectifying them. The Voter-id correction is now simple and easy.

Correcting the misprint or errors in the voter-id cards:

The option of correcting the printing errors or wrong information on one’s voter-id card can be easily corrected today. With the advancement of technology, this correction can be made both online and offline. Besides the offline mode, the Government of India has also launched the online portals in every state individually so that the people residing in that particular state can start with the correction of their voter-id cards without facing any sort of problem. Through the official websites, one can also download the form for correcting the voter-id card, fill it and then submit it either to the office of the election commission or to the nearest BLO office.

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Easy correction and change of addresses in the voter-id cards:

Correcting the errors or the misprint on the voter-id cards or changing of addresses in the same has become quite easy. One simply needs to download the form 8A which is the form needed to complete the above mentioned actions. The details of the voter-id card can be changed online by filling up all the necessary details asked on form 8A as they are extremely important for the one who wants to correct his voter-id card through the online process. In most of the cases, girls are seen to change the address of their voter-id cards after their marriage as they have to move to their husband’s place and today this change in address is done very easily. Many times, people also get transferred to different locations across the country on account of their jobs and they may wish to cast their votes from the states they are staying. Hence, the correction in the address of their voter cards is also necessary.

Steps to correct the errors on the voter-id cards:

  • Before going for the correction of the voter-id cards online, one should download the form 8A which is the form for correcting the errors on the voter-id cards and for changing the address.
  • After the form has been filled up, one will have to submit it to Election Registration Officer or any other office of the election commission near the person’s residing place.
  • After the application has been submitted, the booth level officers will come to the person’s residing place for verifying all the details entered by the person so that they can start the process of issuing the new voter-id card.
  • While submitting the application form of 8A, one also needs to submit the old address proof, the new address proof along with the identity proof for which one can produce either the voter-id card or the PAN Card. One can produce the electricity bill as the address proof of the present address.
  • After the application has been submitted successfully, the new voter-id card will take 2-3 weeks to reach the person’s registered address.
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Some other information on correcting the voter-id card:

The form 8A can only be filed by the people who are already having voter-id cards. One can file only a single copy of the application for correcting or changing the address of the voter-id card. The information provided above is applicable to all the states of India.

Conditions on which it can be applied for:

  • After marriage
  • Transfer to other state
  • Transfer due to job
  • Moving to some other place for educational purposes.
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Facts and information about the Voter-id cards

Facts and information about the Voter-id cards

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Ones who are eligible to get the voter-id cards

Every Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 years can enroll his name for the voter-id cards. Enrollment is done at the place of residence of the individual and the enrollment can be done only once. The Indians residing overseas are thought to be the residents residing at the address mentioned in the passports. The address of the service voters is of their home.

Information about the voter-id

The people who are of unsound minds and are associated with corrupt practices or offences legally are denied the voter-id cards and the registrations of their names are not done in the electoral rolls. As a proof of residence for issuing the voter-id cards, one can show his/her passport, driving license, pass book of bank account or any other government identity proof which has the address written over it. According to the Constitution of India, a person who does not reside in India cannot get his name registered for the voter-id cards. But the non-resident citizen does have a voter-id card if he has not acquired the citizenship of any other country. It is to be noted that a person can be enrolled for the voter-id card only once and the enrollment cannot take place in more than one place. For the enrollment of names and for getting a new voter-id card one needs to fill in the details of Form 6 which is to be submitted to the ERO of the respective Constituent Assembly for registration of the names in the electoral rolls. The necessary documents have to be attached with Form 6 before submission of the same. Some of the other voter id faq are mentioned below.

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Some other facts about the voter-id

Many a times the voter-id cards have printing errors or mis-spelt words and one can correct those without facing any sort of trouble. For correcting the errors on the voter-id cards, the Form 8 is to be filled up along with the necessary documents of age proof and proof for residence. It is to be noted that if the mistake was done by the officials at the center of the voter-id cards, then the correction is done free of cost and if the person makes a mistake by providing the wrong information then he is supposed to pay an amount of Rs 25 to the officials at the voter-id card center and one should also not forget to take a receipt of the amount he has paid for the correction of the voter-id card.

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The Election Commission of India has launched several programs in the different parts of the country so that all the people who have attained the age of 18 can apply for the voter-id card in a hassle free manner. It has also used the latest technological advancements for helping out the Indians with all the problems that they face with the voter-id card. Now, one can also view the status of the voter-id cards and check their names in the electoral rolls through the SMS and the websites and portals of the Election Commission of India. One can also login to the official website of the election commission for getting all the necessary information on the voter-id cards.

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Enrollment for the voter-id cards

Enrollment for the voter-id cards

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Importance of the voter-id card:

It is a must for every Indian citizen to have a voter-id card. Every Indian who has attained the age of 18 years should register his name for the voter-id cards by submitting the required documents. The Government of India has launched a number of programs through the country as well as the interiors of India so that all the people can avail the benefits provided by the Government of India through the voter-id cards. This card is given free of cost to all the people of India who have attained the age of 18 years. The voter id enrollment in India is extremely important for every child who cost attained the age of 18 as it bestows them with the power to cast their votes at their own discretion. Besides getting the authority to caste vote for India, one can also avail the various other benefits that the Government provides for the people of India who has the voter-id cards.

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Registering for the voter-id card online

With the advancement of technology, the enrollment of the voter-id in India is accomplished through the online processes. The online processes saves a lot of time of the students. The websites of the Election Commission of India provide all the information for the online registration of the voter-id cards to the people of India. The online registration or enrollment of the voter-id card was first started by the Election commission of India in 2015. The students of 18 years who want to cast their vote for the very first time but do not have the time to visit the office of the Election Commission of India to complete the whole process of getting the voter-id card can use the website for doing the same through the online mode.

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Steps for registering for the voter-id card online

  • Firstly, the one who wants to enroll his name for the voter-id card should visit the website of
  • After visiting the website, one will have to click on to ‘New Register’.
  • The current mobile number and the email address of the person is to be entered and he will then be getting a message which is to be entered for completing the initial process of verification.
  • After all these has been completed, an application form will appear on the screen which needs to be filled up and submitted by the one who wants to enroll his name in the voter list.
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Some other information:

The Government of India has provided the different states of India with different links which are individually created for every state so that the people of that state can enroll and register their name for the voter cards in their own languages without facing any sort of trouble. The Government of India has also provided the people of India with the opportunity to know about the status of their voter-id cards through the online portals of the Election Commission of India and its websites.

Getting a new voter-id card

Getting a new voter-id card:

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Voter-id card if lost:

The voter-id card is a document of extreme importance today and if one loses the voter-id card , it is quite normal for the person to become panic stricken but actually there is no need to worry as options of getting a new voter-id is always there only after some of the official work has been completed.

Applying for the new voter-id card if it gets lost

People often lose many of the valuable items that he carries with himself like purse, wallet watches etc. and hence, the voter-id card can also get misplaced. But one who has lost his voter-id card should not worry at all as the option of applying for the new and the duplicate voter-id card has been opened by the election commission of India. In 2015, the Election Commission of India has successfully launched certain programs throughout the states of India so that one gets the opportunity to apply for the duplicate copy or the new voter-id card in case he has lost the earlier one. For applying for the duplicate voter-id card, one can either visit the office of the Election Commission of India or can apply it through the online portals of the election commission. It should always be remembered that the original of anything will always have a clone from where the duplicate copy can be issued. The question how get new voter id if lost is answered in the steps below.

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Steps to follow for getting a duplicate or a new voter-id card:

  • The first thing that has to be done is to visit the nearest police station and file an FIR for the lost voter-id card. The Fir should consist of the place where the person was visiting while the voter-id card got misplaced along with the name of the person who has misplaced the card. He should also request the Officer-in-Charge in a written manner to file the FIR so that he can apply for a new voter-id card.
  • Some of the police officers who have a strict manner can ask for the person’s voter-id card number which he can tell after checking the website of . He can also check out the website for his very state.
  • After receiving the form for the FIR, one should not forget to mention the subject which will be of losing the voter-id card.
  • Along with the form of the FIR, one also needs to download the ‘Form 002’ which has been launched by the Election Commission of India for helping the people to get a new voter-id card which have been lost due to some reason or the other.
  • One needs to take a printout of the Form 002 after it has been downloaded successfully.
  • After taking the printout, the form is to be filled up with the needed details.
  • For the submission of the form, one needs to attach the FIR along with an identity proof for which one can use the driving license, ration card or Aadhar card for getting the duplicate copy of the voter-id card.
  • All these documents are to be submitted along with the application form and the FIR to the nearest office of the election commission or to the e-seva kendras.
  • After the verification process has been completed, the new voter-id card has been issued; it will reach to the registered address within 2-3 weeks.
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