duplicate voter id

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The right Process to apply duplicate voter id

The India is a democratic country and in this way every single national has a voice in shaping the government. The government is controlled by various agents of individuals elected by the residents of India as a Member of Parliament and additionally member of Legislative assembly.

These agents need to challenge election and win by greater part. The triumphant competitor can be illustrative of the general population of a specific constituency and in this manner election has a colossal hugeness in the majority rules system. In the election, it is the obligation of each native to make choice in different elections and elect a decent hopeful. You will get to know how to apply duplicate voter ID card Online in Delhi, UP, Gujarat, MP, Hyderabad, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana.

The function of Voter ID:

The Voter ID card is a fundamental archive from the government qualifying the concerned resident for the voting right. Not just that, it is likewise a substantial record as the proof of one’s identity and also living arrangement. Henceforth, at numerous spots one needs to give this archive to ID and address proof and being a government report it is considered as a substantial proof all over. The most imperative point is this proof must be without blunder. That implies whatever the points of interest are given into the proof, it must be great. The points of interest which are regularly given in this record are the name of the card holder, address, age and the concerned EPIC number. There is additionally an image of the card holder, holder printed on the card.

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Application procedure for Duplicate Voter ID card in India as per CEO Officials

All things considered, there can be just two situations where one can need a duplicate card. The principal situation is the point at which a man has lost the card and the second situation is the point at which the card is genuinely harmed where one can’t see a picture of the card holder or the address, EPIC number, name, and so on, points of interest are not legible. Under such cases, one needs to apply for the duplicate card to the election commission. Before making the application, one needs to hold up a FIR and safeguard the duplicate of the same. At that point one can make an application for a duplicate Voter ID card.


Request for the Duplicate Voter ID:

For the duplicate Voter ID one can apply online to the election commission of the concerned state website. Here one needs to download the structure number 002 and fill all the concerned subtle elements that need to incorporate Name, Address, Sex, Age, and a passport size photo. One additionally needs to pay INR 25 as the charge for duplicate Voter ID. One can send the online application and in addition can visit the concerned state election office actually and present the structure with all the important supporting archives. One must recollect connecting the duplicate of the FIR with every one of the records if the Voter ID is lost.

After essential check of the application the concerned state election commission issues the duplicate Voter ID card which is sent to the address of the card holder by post. After the accommodation of the application, one can check the status of the same on the official website of the election commission. One must note here that a NRI is not permitted to make an application for the duplicate voter ID according to the above technique.

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