Process to Correcting the voter-id cards

Correcting the voter-id cards

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About the voter-id card

The voter identity card in India is the most important document which is also a valid identity proof of every Indian but the fact is that the voter id card can only be used for proving one’s identity inside India. Every child attaining the age of 18 in India becomes eligible to have his/her own voter identity card. The Indian Government has taken different initiatives and has also launched different programs in the different sectors of rural India so that all the people can avail the voter-id cards along with the benefits that come with it. Many times, there is a printing error in the cards in the place of address or there are some printing errors in the names and other details. But there is always an option for rectifying them. The Voter-id correction is now simple and easy.

Correcting the misprint or errors in the voter-id cards

The option of correcting the printing errors or wrong information on one’s voter-id card can be easily corrected today. With the advancement of technology, this correction can be made both online and offline. Besides the offline mode, the Government of India has also launched the online portals in every state individually so that the people residing in that particular state can start with the correction of their voter-id cards without facing any sort of problem. Through the official websites, one can also download the form for correcting the voter-id card, fill it and then submit it either to the office of the election commission or to the nearest BLO office.

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Easy correction and change of addresses in the voter-id cards

Correcting the errors or the misprint on the voter-id cards or changing of addresses in the same has become quite easy. One simply needs to download the form 8A which is the form needed to complete the above mentioned actions. The details of the voter-id card can be changed online by filling up all the necessary details asked on form 8A as they are extremely important for the one who wants to correct his voter-id card through the online process. In most of the cases, girls are seen to change the address of their voter-id cards after their marriage as they have to move to their husband’s place and today this change in address is done very easily. Many times, people also get transferred to different locations across the country on account of their jobs and they may wish to cast their votes from the states they are staying. Hence, the correction in the address of their voter cards is also necessary.

Steps to correct the errors on the voter-id cards

  • Before going for the correction of the voter-id cards online, one should download the form 8A which is the form for correcting the errors on the voter-id cards and for changing the address.
  • After the form has been filled up, one will have to submit it to Election Registration Officer or any other office of the election commission near the person’s residing place.
  • After the application has been submitted, the booth level officers will come to the person’s residing place for verifying all the details entered by the person so that they can start the process of issuing the new voter-id card.
  • While submitting the application form of 8A, one also needs to submit the old address proof, the new address proof along with the identity proof for which one can produce either the voter-id card or the PAN Card. One can produce the electricity bill as the address proof of the present address.
  • After the application has been submitted successfully, the new voter-id card will take 2-3 weeks to reach the person’s registered address.
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Some other information on correcting the voter-id card

The form 8A can only be filed by the people who are already having voter-id cards. One can file only a single copy of the application for correcting or changing the address of the voter-id card. The information provided above is applicable to all the states of India.

Conditions on which it can be applied for

  • After marriage
  • Transfer to other state
  • Transfer due to job
  • Moving to some other place for educational purposes.
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